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    It's an advanced remote control. And a remote viewfinder.
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    Product Description

    Here’s everything you need to know about the new iUSBportCAMERA (formerly known as CameraMator), including how it works, compatible cameras, tech specs, and companion apps—all on one page. Five key highlights:

    Live viewfinder

    It’s like you’re looking through your camera, but you’re really staring at your iPod/iPad/iPhone screen. When you take a shot, each photo is streamed to your device so you can preview shots in high resolution. Imagine sharing shots with a director or client who’s not directly behind the camera. Or try shooting from impossible angles—maybe by placing your camera in a unique position with a Gorilla pod, then remotely shooting from your iPad.

    Remote control

    Control your camera from afar with no cables, thanks to compatible iPhone, iPad, OS X, Android, and Windows applications. To focus, tap your device’s screen on the desired point. Use the same interface to adjust white balance, ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The app also displays the camera’s status, including current settings and battery level.


    Remotely start and stop video recording from your device while viewing the actual live video feed on your device’s screen. Tap anywhere on your screen to refocus video. Then stream or transfer recorded video to your device. All without dangling cables.

    File streaming

    Because the iUSBportCAMERA creates its own wi-fi network (more on that below in the How It Works section), you can connect a USB thumb drive or hard drive to the iUSBportCAMERA and send files to your smartphone or computer. Stream 1080p HD movies, music, photos, and files to your device. It’s almost like you’ve got your hard drive connected to your smartphone or computer without using any cables. Transfer speeds are a fast 3MB/sec and compatible file systems are FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and HFS+. Multiple iPads, iPhones and iPods can connect to the iUSBportCAMERA’s wi-fi network, which means you can play multiplayer games and share files.


    Adobe Lightroom can watch and auto-import from a folder tied to the iUSBportCAMERA OS X application. The iUSBportCAMERA also works on iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, OS X and Windows devices.

    How it works

    The iUSBportCAMERA hardware creates its own wi-fi network, which you connect to from your smartphone or computer. Once connected, turn on your iUSBportCAMERA app to control your camera. The iUSBportCAMERA features 4GB of internal storage to support continuous shooting. This onboard memory acts as a buffer while photos are being sent to your device. With a built-in rechargeable battery, the iUSBportCAMERA can function for up to 8 hours of wi-fi shooting, so you should be good for a typical workday.

    Dimensions: 3.31″ x 2.83″ x 1.46″ (84mm x 72mm x 37mm)

    Weight: 3.14oz (89g)

    Screen: Mono 132 x 32 pixels LCD

    Ports: One high-speed 480Mbps USB Host Port (5W Powered)

    Wireless/speed: Wi-fi 802.11b/g/n “Access Point,” “Ad Hoc” and “Infrastructure” mode; 20Mbps

    Built-in memory: 4GB (500+ image buffer to support continuous shooting)

    Battery: 3300 mAh rechargeable li-poly battery; up to 8 hours of battery life

    Input power: 10W (5V, 2A) via standard micro USB port; 5-7 hours to full charge

    Transfer speed: 3MB/sec

    Included accessories: DC USB charging cord; USB cable

    Complete list of compatible Canon & Nikon cameras:

    * Canon Xsi/450D
    * Canon T1i/500D
    * Canon T2i/500D
    * Canon T3i/600D
    * Canon T4i/650D
    * Canon 40D
    * Canon 50D
    * Canon 60D
    * Canon 7D
    * Canon 6D
    * Canon 5D Mark II
    * Canon 5D Mark III
    * Canon 1Ds III
    * Canon 1D IV
    * Canon 1Dx
    * Nikon D3
    * Nikon D3s
    * Nikon D3x
    * Nikon D4
    * Nikon D90
    * Nikon D300
    * Nikon D300S
    * Nikon D600
    * Nikon D700
    * Nikon D800/D800E
    * Nikon D5000
    * Nikon D5100
    * Nikon D7000